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22 || F || Pansexual || Slytherclaw

I'm inspired to write by everyday life, the littlest things can spark a twenty chapter story for me, such as a light burning out or a tattoo on someones arm. Anything and everything can be a purpose for a story.




Im not sure if my personality is more tina or louise 



Brenda Song and Raven Symone run into each other at the gym and exchange numbers while Trace Cryus looks on. June, 2014

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my anaconda

my anaconda

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Kurtbastian AU - Scott Pilgrim AU. Sebastian vs Kurt’s ex-boyfri—EXES.







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The problem is, if I say, ‘I’m straight’ nobody will come around to my house and take a picture of my boyfriend. If I say, ‘I’m gay’ then somebody will come around and try to take a picture of my girlfriend. It’s all very well people telling me to be open about it, but it will impact on my life. Why should I have to bear the brunt of what would happen? All I know is that if it’s not something I have any interest or desire to talk about, then that needs to be my only reason.

Elly Jackson.


I read a LOT of fics. Here you have my favorites!

The summer before college Kurt is shocked when Sebastian comes to him with a timely offer he can’t refuse. He’ll get something he needs to realize his dreams, but in return he has to play the role of Sebastian’s boyfriend for the summer. Neither of them know just how much their worlds are about to change.

Kurt wakes up 10 years in the future. He finds out that he recently had an accident and is desperately upset to discover that he’s married, of all people, to Sebastian Smythe. The last interaction he had with the boy that he can recall, is throwing the tape at the boy, the one of him admitting to tampering with the slushy that hit Blaine.

There is one tradition at Dalton for which Kurt is entirely unprepared.

Kurt wants to be paired with anyone out of town, and Sebastian doesn’t want marriage at all. But the system is all that the world has, and they will soon find that all they have is each other.

Claiming someone… it was supposed to be special. He had dreamed about it since he knew what it was. But he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had somehow prostituted the sub.

Kurt Hummel, the nation’s leader in sub rehabilitation is coerced into claiming Sebastian Smythe, a mouthy willful submissive, who has no intentions of submitting. But neither can fight their nature for long, especially when they realize there is more to the other than they assumed.

In this world, werewolves roam the forests by night as a pack, and endure school during the day as a pack. For soon-to-be Alpha of his local pack, that means only one thing to Kurt Hummel: giving up the true love of his life to get mated off to the soon-to-be Alpha of the neighboring pack. But, if one Sebastian Smythe has anything to say about it, Kurt will be forgetting all about his little “crush”.

Kurt’s an up and coming actor who’s wanted on all of the red carpets. His agent begs him to get a boyfriend, because it’ll look good for his image. But Kurt can’t just “find” a boyfriend - he’s way too busy for the dating scene and he isn’t sure if he can trust anyone. So he decides to buy one instead. Kurt takes a personality test to determine who will be the right fit for him. He gets Sebastian, who banters with him and challenges him and isn’t what he expected at all. But that doesn’t matter because Sebastian makes him feel more alive than any of his last few partners had.

Sebastian knew that Kurt was dangerous. He saw it that day at the Lima Bean. He knew what Kurt could do, and Blaine’s biggest mistake becomes Sebastian’s life.

In a world where you find your soul mate at first touch, what happens when you find out that your worst enemy could be your true love?

It was always assumed that if Kurt and Blaine were to split, Blaine would inevitably return to Dalton. No one expected Kurt to be the one to leave McKinley. Then again, no one expected Kurt to find an ally in Sebastian Smythe either.

Kurt and Sebastian wind up as college roommates, unfortunately.

Kurt Alfred Hummel was never born to be the hero of a story. So when he takes on his new position as a footman in the country estate of Lord Smythe, little does he know that the following years will change his life forever.

Sebastian didn’t think things could get any worse than getting into a car crash with the person he loves on Christmas Eve. But when a permanent change happens, they all must adjust. Especially with a crazy ex-boyfriend and with Regionals coming up, he needs to make a move fast before everything he cares for is gone. For good this time.

 In a world where the name of your soulmate gets etched on your wrist upon seeing them, Sebastian meets his soulmate Kurt Hummel on his first day of school at McKinley. The only problem is that Sebastian has Kurt’s name on his wrist, but Kurt’s wrists are bare. 

Blaine puts in a request to sell his soul the devil himself, better know as Sebastian. The immortal under lord tracks the man down with the intention of making a deal. But the moment Sebastian lays eyes on Blaine’s boyfriend Kurt he’s no longer interested in the mans pitiful soul. He’s much more intent on making Kurt his own.

The same day Blaine suddenly breaks up with Kurt, Kurt has a surprise encounter with Sebastian Smythe who becomes a bigger part of his life than he ever thought possible.

At the age of 23, there are many words that are used to describe the enigmatic Kurt Hummel. Hot , Rich, Successful, Beautiful, Perfectionist, Cold, Mean… and also Heartbroken.

The pressure of going without a date to an important gala has Kurt calling an exclusive escort service. He might not like the man that turns up at his door, but this man will become his everything.

Sebastian Smythe needs a strange kind of love, one who will just lie down and take it. When he can’t find it elsewhere he accesses his accounts to pay for a sex worker in a brothel two towns away. A young male, Kurt, sees his request form and happily obliges to be himself; a lingerie wearing, pain-loving man in need of Sebastian’s strange love. Things go awry when Kurt comes to work with more bruises than Sebastian gave him and so begins a beautiful relationship.

 In a tiny Parisian street, Sebastian runs a little café that used to belong to his grandfather. He’s lonely and a little lost, and when Kurt Hummel - sad, a little lost himself - walks back into his life, it’s almost like he’s starting to live again.

When Kurt Hummel transfers to Dalton Academy, he meets an unordinary Warbler, Sebastian Smythe, who offers to teach him something. Surprisingly, as it comes out, there are also some things Kurt can teach him.


Kurt Hummel expected a lot of things from Sebastian Smythe. What he didn’t expect was for Sebastian Smythe to trudge into the Lima Bean carrying a toddler.

Sebastian’s promiscuity is written on his skin, when he meets white-as-snow Kurt Hummel.

Ghost!Kurt and human!Sebastian

In a small town news travels fast. So when the mechanic’s son skips town one morning with a mystery boy no one’s sure how it happened.

Kurt Hummel finds an unexpected acquaintance with Sebastian Smythe after a tough break-up. He tries to keep their fling a strict Friends with Benefits situation, but Sebastian starts to break through his carefully guarded walls, even though he isn’t necessarily an open book, either.

For Sebastian Smythe, it was just another day at Dalton Academy, until HE walked in the door. First came an instant dislike, then a stupid bet, followed by a whole lot of drama.

Kurt never dreamed that in order to have it all and marry the man he loved he’d also have to marry the mob, but that was a sacrifice he was more than willing to make for a life with Sebastian.

Over the years they worked out an unspoken agreement: Sebastian did his best to keep the darkness and danger from their door and Kurt purposely made himself deaf, dumb and blind to the reality of Sebastian’s “business”. Kurt asked no questions so Sebastian told no lies. But all things done in the dark eventually come into the light and when Kurt persuades Sebastian that it’s time for them to become parents their house of cards comes tumbling down. When Sebastian’s business literally blows up in Kurt’s face, he finally realizes just what he’s gotten himself-and his daughter into. Unwilling to expose Nicollette to the physical danger and moral decay of growing up in Sebastian’s world Kurt runs away with her. He thinks he’s escaped but after three years underground Sebastian’s finally tracked him down and he’s determined to take back everything that belongs to him-including Kurt. Now Kurt has to decide if love is enough to fix what’s broken and Sebastian has to decide if he wants a reconciliation more than he wants revenge.

To be soul bonded to someone is everything. It’s giving yourself to them, in mind, body, and spirit. You give up a part of your soul in exchange for theirs, connecting yourselves indefinitely. Kurt and Blaine are ready to bond. But so is someone else.

Kurt was the one Sebastian broke up 20 minutes after they met in Scandals. What happen when Sebastian came back to Lima?

Kurt and Sebastian are both attending NYU, Sebastian just after graduation and Kurt a year after graduation, so they’re both freshmen. Dorm shenanigans are sure to ensue, and naturally Kurt and Sebastian are still arguing, even post Kurt and Blaine breakup. Kurt and Sebastian are dared to go 48 hours handcuffed together. The question is - can they survive it?

With his recent breakup with Blaine, Sebastian’s taunts were the last things Kurt really needed. So when Sebastian’s life took an unexpected turn and he became a temporary resident of the Hudmel residence,Kurt realizes that comfort comes in strange ways.

When Kurt’s neighbor Sebastian suggests they do more than hang out, he thinks it’s a bad idea until it’s not. 

Kurt figures that if Sebastian can engage in casual sex without batting an eyelash, so can he.

Kurt’s life isn’t shaping up to be what he had expected. He’s still single, he isn’t a Broadway star, he’s just lost his job which he hated anyway , and he’s about to watch the most on-again-off-again couple known to man get married. To make matters worse, he’s just learned that the amount of guys he has slept with is twice as much as what’s considered average in the USA.

The student raised his eyebrow at Kurt but held out his hand. “Sebastian Smythe,” Feeling slightly apprehensive, Kurt shook it. “Kurt Hummel” AU: What if Kurt had met Sebastian instead of Blaine when he went to spy on the Warblers?

Stockholm syndrome: The phenomenon in which victims display compassion for and even loyalty to their captors. June 17th is the day Kurt Hummel’s life changes forever.

Unsure of his future following graduation, Kurt finds the status quo impossible to maintain. And when Sebastian Smythe comes crashing back into his life, it gets even more complicated.

Sebastian is in over his head and even Kurt, who still basically hates the guy, feels compelled to try and help him. Unfortunately, Kurt isn’t equipped to deal with drinking, drugs and a Sebastian who seems too damaged to repair.

There was something with Kurt’s body language that told you something was wrong. Maybe not wrong but different. The way he normally carries himself, with pride, courage, like no one could bring him down, was the exact opposite of what he looked like today: nervous, wary, pacing back and forth in the living room. Yes, you could definitely say something was different about Kurt Hummel.

Rachel wants to play 7 minutes in heaven. It’s Kurt’s turn to spin the bottle. What are the chances of it landing on one Sebastian Smythe?

Sebastian, an android altered to have human emotions he has no control over, wakes Up to find he’s a part of the Hummel household.

Sebastian’s never really thought about kids before, until he starts to worry that maybe Kurt has.

Sebastian sees Kurt’s single ladies dance and finds himself suddenly very interested in what else Kurt can do with his hips.

Once upon a time there were two boys. One of them tried and failed to steal the other’s boyfriend. The two boys were natural enemies. But when they coincidentally, and anonymously, met in cyberspace, they accidentally fell in love.

Blaine has done the unforgivable, and Kurt Hummel is making some changes in his life. David Karofsky has done the unbelievable, and Sebastian Smythe has miscalculated.

Kurt realizes that he and Sebastian have more in common than he thought. 

Kurt had to go away on a family vacation. When he returns back to Dalton, Blaine gets to introduce him to the new Warbler, Sebastian Smythe. Sebastian’s just the kind of boy that Kurt needs to stay away from, but there’s something that keeps him from running away.

Sebastian and Kurt ends up working together in Kurt’s Aunt Merilde’s bookstore. Sparks fly—-Not of the good kind…. Or in which, Kurt breaks up with Blaine, is forced to interact with Sebastian, they banter (a lot), and there’s some serious obliviousness going around.

With most people it takes one time, you celebrate or you give up. For Sebastian Smythe, it takes five times to get an answer. Four of the times, Kurt thinks he isn’t serious. But he is, he’s the most serious he’s ever been. And he won’t give up on Kurt.

Sort of kid!fic kurtbastian, where they start off as childhood friends until the day Sebastian leaves for Paris, only to come stumbling back into Kurt’s life four years later.

Kurt and Sebastian were childhood friends, but sometimes growing up threatens to break young love apart.

  • Let It Go by cacophonylights (D/s, Dom!Kurt)

Set after the coffee shop confrontation in On My Way.  Sebastian needs to submit to someone, and Kurt is more than willing to take on the challenge. Sub!Sebastian and Dom!Kurt

 Sebastian doesn’t believe in love—but it turns out it doesn’t take much to make him believe. Just Kurt.

Imagine your OTP where person A in the military and just came home from being overseas and person B runs up to them and kisses them and hugs them and starts crying they’re so happy.

Even Sebastian Smythe doesn’t deserve to be alone on Christmas.

The first three months of Kurt’s collegiate career hadn’t exactly gone as planned. He’s in New York, which is amazing. He’s newly single, which is not. And his roommate at NYU is Sebastian Smythe, which is clearly not good. Though he’s mentally prepared himself to be constantly sexiled due to his roommate’s promiscuous behavior, it isn’t until one night when he walks in on something unexpected that he finds out just how wrong he was in making that assumption.

It had been a tough choice, picking U.C.L.A. over Tisch.

But in the end, it had been Kurt himself who had convinced Sebastian to go to the West Coast.

Kurt is getting ready for his engagement party, and Sebastian is most definitely not invited.

Today they are getting a divorce, because it’s the only thing left.

When Kurt finally gets a match from the professional matchmaker he submitted his information to over a year ago, his match is really not what he expected. Takes place about five years in the future.

Kurt spends the summer after graduation losing faith in himself as he deals with a lot of unexpected heartache. He’s lost his boyfriend, been rejected from the school of his dreams, and is working at the Lima Bean. The most unexpected thing of all, though, is the comfort he finds in Sebastian.

Sebastian’s seduction of Kurt takes an unexpected new form.

Sebastian and Kurt become friends as Kurt is working at the Lima Bean over the summer but one of them is keeping a scary secret.

Kurt has never cared overmuch about Valentine’s Day. The tacky decorations, the overpriced mediocre chocolate, and the sickeningly sugary cards, all seemed to him like one giant ploy to boost consumerism during the post holiday lull.  So when Sebastian mentions offhand about a month before that he’s never been big on the holiday either Kurt doesn’t really think anything of it, and he’s certainly not disappointed. If anything it’s a bit of relief, his boyfriend feeling the same way as him for once. After all, Kurt has had his share of sincere but sappy boyfriends over the years and one of the things he’s always liked best about Bas was that he was so very not those things. Until…

Kurt just wanted a fun night out to help him forget about his break-up with Blaine.  Running into Sebastian in a gay bar in Columbus was not part of the plan.

Kurt can’t sleep. Sebastian helps him out

Sequel to “Bedtime Stories”. What happened the next day at Jeff’s birthday party.

Kurt and Sebastian have become friends over time. They ended up at the same party one night. Kurt is drunk and playing truth or dare. He ends up telling about his fantasy to give up control to someone and let them have sex with him while he’s asleep/unconscious. Sebastian overhears Kurt. Sebastian has always wanted someone to trust him enough to let him control them like that. After a few honest conversations, Kurt and Sebastian decide to go through with it. 

kurt and sebastian accidentally (with great intent) have hate sex and everything just gets worse from there.

Kurt has a crazy, uncontrollable crush on Sebastian.

An AU in which Kurt and Sebastian never met in high school. Instead, they meet at &brave—an up-and-coming online fashion company where Kurt is the new assistant slash blogger (one day he will figure out a better title), and Sebastian is the less than pleasant tech support guy. Kurt does his best to avoid Sebastian and his rude attitude at all possible costs, but it turns out that technology is not his friend. It also turns out that Sebastian might maybe possibly be (okay, probably is) more than just an annoying coworker.

: Sebastian is literally Kurt’s guardian angel.

It’s still dark when Sebastian wakes up. It’s early December, of course it’s still dark, but the fact that it’s cold, too, alerts Sebastian to the fact that Kurt isn’t beside him. 

Kurt and Sebastian having car sex.

Sebastian likes to leave hickeys on Kurt.

After a night of drinking, Kurt and Sebastian wake up with matching tattoos.

Kurt riding Sebastian

Sebastian starts hitting on Kurt whenever Blaine leaves them alone together.

Set after The Break-Up. Blaine expects that he’ll be able to win Kurt back easily. What he doesn’t expect is for Kurt to already be with someone else.

Sebastian’s sudden stop in the Lima autoshop gets a lot more interesting when a cute mechanic bends over in front of him.


In a world where people don’t see in color until they find their true mate, well, the world is pretty damn bland


Being the Alpha’s son isn’t easy, especially when you’re Kurt Hummel. And being a gay werewolf is hard enough without an annoying “meerkat” insulting you at every turn. Follow Kurt as he deals with his destiny, his pack, and his search for a mate.

Kurt’s rather surprised to find a pack of werewolves living in Lima. He’s even more surprised when he meets their Alpha.

 Sebastian’s been neglecting his inner wolf for too long.

Kurt and Sebastian have been at each other’s throats since the Smythes moved to Lima. Growing up as Alphas-to-be of two separate packs is tricky enough, until Kurt’s mom dies and his animosity towards Sebastian turns into an unlikely friendship. When Sebastian tries to move their relationship a step further, proposing a bond that is stronger than any known to humans, Kurt realizes that he was wrong along. Sebastian doesn’t want to take his pack from him, he wants a pack WITH him. 

When Kurt goes to Dalton Academy to spy on the New Directions’ competition for Sectionals, he isn’t expecting to meet Sebastian Smythe, and he certainly isn’t expecting him to change him the way he does, inside and out.


Kurt gets turned into a cat while at Blaine’s house; except, Blaine is allergic, so he unknowingly passes Kurt along to Seb—who somehow just knows that the cat is none other than Kurt.


Klaine breaks up with Kurt because Kurt has a pussy. Kurt is ashamed over his anatomy, and finally settles for never finding someone who’ll love him completely. Cue Sebastian.

Kurt hates showering in communal shower rooms, so he usually makes sure he’s alone. One night, Sebastian interrupts him. 

Sebastian decides that he and Kurt are well past the heavy petting stage. (bp!Kurt)

Kurt and Sebastian being on vacation and Kurt wanting to see the sights but Sebastian wanting to ~stay in bed~.


Sebastian, a 100 year old Vampire, sees Kurt in Scandals and turns him thinking he’ll be sweet and innocent - boy was he wrong. Kurt is bitchy, strong-willed, extremely pissed at being made a vampire, and very, very demanding. Now the two of them are stuck with one another for at least the next 3 months, and need to learn to live with each other.

 Kurt settles into Dalton and thinks he knows what Sebastian wants from him or at least he thinks he does.

How long does it take for a crush to turn into something horrifyingly bigger? 4 weeks ago Kurt Hummel did not know the answer to that question. But as luck would have it, he was not without the answer for very long.

Even when there’s blood smudged across the seam of his mouth, Sebastian can’t deny just how beautiful Kurt is.


In which both Kurt and Sebastian are terrible at not falling in love and even worse at expressing it. It turns out as well as you might expect.

Or, the one where Kurt is a 19 year old massage therapist that 31 year old Sebastian propositions for sex but they fall in love instead. It’s kind of a disaster because they’re both idiots, but it turns out alright in the end.

  • Immortal by Rollingwithchinchillas  *complete*

When Sebastian moves to Dalton, he gets placed into the room with an intoxicating smell. It’s the smell that he hasn’t smelt in 70 years; that of the person to whom he belongs. The smell is burned into the campus, into his room, into the car park, and it is that of his Bonded - the person he follows through life. And Sebastian is determined to find them. Supernatural!AU, Human!Kurt, Immortal!Sebastian

A few chance encounters in New York lead to Kurt and Sebastian becoming reluctant friends. Slowly their friendship begins to shift. It’s about to change into something more when Adam returns from England. Sebastian assumes the worst and makes a rash decision. Has he ruined everything?

Sebastian Smythe is cut off from his tremendous fortune and has to take a job as a delivery driver for Fed-Ex. Every one thinks Kurt Hummel is a shut-in. He hates people and is horrible to everyone he meets. Sebastian figures he can out-bitch this man that everyone seems to be afraid of, but once he sees him, it’s love at first sight. But Kurt has a secret that might ruin them.

Sebastian was at Dalton when Kurt was and they were room mates. Bas does everything he can to make Kurt love him and not Blaine.

Kurt has dimensions and drinks too much coffee. Sebastian smokes too much and gets punched. They eat, they fuck, they yell. Hunter is generally amused.

Sebastian sends a wrong text, and somehow maybe because people in life are too predictable for him he starts talking to the stranger, without realizing that the stranger might not be completely stranger to him.

In which Sebastian takes a trip to the dentist, nominating Kurt - his long-time best friend and room-mate - as his designated driver after a local anaesthetic.

Ten years down the road, Sebastian’s a photographer. Kurt’s a porn star and an escort. Sebastian runs into him when Kurt signs up to do a shoot.

It started as a safe way to relieve his tension. A site that offered local, live shows of guys. It seemed like the perfect thing to keep him from falling back into bed with Blaine. Except, it’s Sebastian’s webcam show that he comes across. Complicated by the fact that the new Sebastian Smythe is just as intriguing as the webcam version, things get awkward and intense fast. Kurt’s not sure of his feelings, Sebastian is new to everything, and neither one is sure what to do.

When Kurt is over the edge of another break down - the last months have been living hell to him - and he egoistically can’t stand that he’s the only one from the glee club who doesn’t have a date at Mercedes and Mike’s wedding, the most unexpected person comes to save him. 

Pushing Daisies AU: Sebastian Smythe is eight years, four months, six days, ten hours, and twenty-four minutes old when he discovers that he possesses an extraordinary gift: the ability to wake the dead with a single touch of the fingertip. Nineteen years, four months, twenty days, five hours, and six minutes later, Kurt Hummel, Sebastian’s childhood sweetheart, comes back into his life in the worst possible way: dead. The problem? Once Kurt is awoken, Sebastian can never touch him again.

  • Hear Me by  HannahSheree *complete*

Sebastian meets Kurt on his first day of school. Sebastian has been there for a grand total of four hours, and he already hates it. The kids are mean, meaner than anyone he’s ever met, and he’s already been made to sit in the corner for trying to hit one of the meanest boys, one of the ones who had laughed at him and called him names that Sebastian knew were bad.

Sebastian sits alone, scowling at the other kids in the playground. He doesn’t care if he’s alone, the other kids are stupid and mean. And they were loud. They were so loud, and nobody can talk to him anyway. It doesn’t matter because he hates them all.

And then, he meets Kurt Hummel, and his entire life changes. 

mute!Sebastian, bestfriends!Kurtbastian.

  • 300$ by edyferrone *complete*

Kurt decides to put on a kissing booth for Valentine’s Day, which is not that easy when he has feelings for Sebastian Smythe. Apparently though, Sebastian doesn’t seem to appreciate the idea of Kurt kissing other people.

Long distance relationships are hard and Kurt & Sebastian haven’t quite got theirs all figured out yet.

  • Hard-won by artist_artists *complete*
Kurt ends up with Sebastian as one of his roommates during his sophomore year of college, and their relationship progresses in some strange ways that Kurt has no idea how to deal with.
After Blaine breaks his heart, Kurt is determined to not fall in love again and starts to sleep around. It all goes to plan until Sebastian arrives back in his life and makes it much harder for him to ignore his heart.Not Blaine/Klaine friendly.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single guy, in possession of wealth, intelligence and unfairly good looks, must be a complete and utter dick. THIS FIC IS AMAZING: WIN 5 HEARTS <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Brothers AU, Sebastian fondles Kurt in his sleep.

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  • Acitw AU

CH23A - CH23B -CH23C - CH24A

  • "What…"series

This is a reaction fic serie to the Glee episode 5x15 ‘Bash’

What Would It Take? PART1

What Wouldn’t I Do? PART2

What Should I Say? PART3

This is a drabble based on the prompt ‘shapeshifter’. Warnings for past!Klaine; not Klaine/Blaine friendly. Angst, AU, with a twist. 

Warnings - oral sex with a dog (dog on human, not human on dog). Sebastian as a dog goes down on Kurt. 

Lacrosse Captain Sebastian and Cheerio Kurt getting it on during a game.

Sebastian comes home from work to find Kurt home early from promoting his fashion tour, desperately begging a dying African violet to spring back to life.

Futurefic, angst, emotional hurt/comfort. Warnings for anxiety and talk of impending character death.

Sebastian is taking Kurt to meet his parents for the first time, but first he has to make Kurt presentable.

Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine find a baby on the doorstep of the loft, and have no idea where it came from. Rachel and Blaine leave Kurt to deal with a screaming, unhappy baby, and an hour later Sebastian shows up looking to flirt with Blaine…or is he? Futurefic, fluff

Sebastian buys a special potion that will allow him to switch bodies with Kurt for 12 hours so he can finally have sex with Blaine, but when Blaine’s not available, Sebastian finds Kurt’s diary and begins to realize that just maybe he’s had his sights set on the wrong guy all a long.

"Hysterical Literature is a video art series by NYC-based photographer and filmmaker Clayton Cubitt. It explores feminism, mind/body dualism, distraction portraiture, and the contrast between culture and sexuality."

Sebastian is an Indie film maker doing a companion project to the Hysterical Literature series, using men instead of women. Kurt volunteers, which requires him to read from a book with a vibrator inserted in his ass…a vibrator that Sebastian controls.

Rated M for voyeurism, anal masturbation, and consensual forced orgasm. (3,789 words)

Sebastian has one last night of partying left before the start of school, and he wants to find someone special to spend it with.

Warnings for drug use, voyeurism, exhibitionism, use of a homophobic slur, sex, multiple partner sex (this is the one with my SebKadam three-way).

  • The First Time I Saw Your Face (my favorite one)

Sebastian has visual agnosia - a disorder that affects how he perceives certain objects, including faces. Kurt has a horrible disfiguring scar. The two of them meet in college with some pretty interesting results.  

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

Sebastian suffers from visual agnosia and Kurt has a terrible, disfiguring scar on his face and body. The two of them meet up in college and start dating. Two months later, on Halloween, they decide to take their relationship further. (sexy times)

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

  • "The…of you" series

Kurt finds someone’s personal journal in the school library and reads it. He starts to fall in love with the journal’s owner.

The Idea of You (PART1)

The Reality of You (PART2)


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The Road We See. #promptideas

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