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My name is Chelsea Renee,
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I'm inspired to write by everyday life, the littlest things can spark a twenty chapter story for me, such as a light burning out or a tattoo on someones arm. Anything and everything can be a purpose for a story.






The guy Chris Colfer is supposedly dating, makes me look down upon Chris quite a bit because who someone associates with can tell you a lot about a person. The guy is a transphobic, anti-feminist attention whore that looks like he could be Chris’ cousin. I’m starting to not like Chris more and more because of him.


Chris Colfer is a feminist. He has proven himself to be a feminist in many different ways, not just in the comments he makes, but also through the characters that he writes in his books which this post very aptly discusses.

Chris has also publicly spoken up for LGBT rights and has openly defended many who have been discriminated against in the media. One such person he spoke up for, was Chaz Bono, the Transgender son of Cher, when the media were trying to stir up negative controversy about him being one of the male contestants on Dancing With The Stars.


Chris never shies away from courageously speaking his mind when asked questions such as this, even though he knows that the media will not like being called out, or, as Chris effectively did on this occasion, in a very matter-of-fact, short-and-sweet manner, being told that they were being ridiculous. (The video that the above gif set was taken from has since been taken down by etonline who obviously did not like Chris calling them out publicly)

Recently a new LGBTQ organisation for Equal Human Rights for all Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, and intersex people, called ‘Uprising Of Love’, has been founded, and Chris was on board from the start as a coalition member, and has been working with this non-profit organization ever since. They are about to  have their first ever Benefit Concert For Global Equality and Chris Colfer is working behind the scenes, as one of the host committee members for this benefit concert.

Chris has proven himself a very supportive, outspoken and activist member of the LGBTQ, and he believes in the equal rights for ALL LGBTQ community, as well as having proven himself a very supportive, outspoken and active feminist, so trying to claim that Chris is in any way transphobic, or in any way anti-feminist, especially from such tenuous and weak arguments of ’ transphobic and anti-feminist by association’, is ludicrous!!!. 


Certain people in certain fandoms, namely the Klaine and crisscolfer fandoms are constantly demonizing Will Sherrod to an alarmingly increasing level, simply because a few years ago on a blog that is no longer active, Will wrote a review of a film and used the word *Tranny* and also spoke about ‘real women with real vagina’. Will was wrong to use this word and description, however, there are many other articles, reviews and statements on that blog that show Will as being a very fair-minded, loving, sweet, kind and compassionate human being. These things are all ignored by certain fans who fixate on one or two problematic things that Will said/did. Will is human and he makes mistake as we all do. We are ALL problematic. Every single one of us, yet because certain people do not want Chris to be with Will and basically want him to be with the person that THEY have selected for him, in other words Darren Criss, they literally use Will’s past mistakes to constantly besmirch his reputation, demonize and dehumanize him and incite hatred for him.

However, many of these people also love and support people like Tyler Oakley, Neil Patrick Harris and most definitely love and support Darren Criss, ALL of whom have made extreme sexist remarks, transphobic/homophobic slurs, racist, and other problematic comments/statements.

Tyler Oakley used the word ‘Tranny’ derogatively in a tweet 


and he refused to apologize for it, arguing that it was a word that LGBT people used within their community, as a shortened version for a transvestite, and was therefore not offensive. It was pointed out to him that many in the Trans community were made uncomfortable by the use of this word and that they would prefer and appreciate it if the LGBT community as a whole would please stop using it, especially in the derogatory manner that Tyler had used it .Tyler ignored these arguments and He then went on to tweet again on another occasion using the word ‘tranny’ going against the pleas of a large percentage of the Trans community who found it offensive.. 

Neil Patrick Harris also used the word ‘Tranny’ in a derogatory way on live TV and has also been called out for other problematic remarks to do with sexism and racism.

Lance Bass, another member of the LGBTQ has also used the word ‘Tranny’ in a derogatory manner and been called out for other problematic comments/remarks.

Darren Criss has made a great many sexist, anti-feminist, racist, elitist, homophobic, comment/remarks



And this is the person that those who are against Will, feel that Chris should be with instead. Darren himself has said and done things just as offensive as Will yet these people demonize Will and excuse Darren.


Will has, since the time of the problematic offenses he has been accused of, moved on. He is in a relationship with a man who is very strong minded, very fair minded, extremely compassionate and humanistic, a feminist, an LGBTQ activist, and a person who is very aware of his own imperfections and flaws, always admits to making mistakes, errors of judgement and being ignorant in some things, and constantly attempts to rectify and learn from his mistakes, and is a person that continually tries to improve his understanding, his knowledge and to keep his mind open. I think that even if Will had been a little transphobic or anti-feminist before meeting Chris, Chris would very soon have made sure that Will learned the error of his ways, just as I am sure that Chris has improved his understanding in certain things from Will in areas where he has been a little more mature, knowledgeable, and correct.

We all learn from each other and hopefully help each other to improve.

There are a great many celebrities that have been called out for their problematic behavior and there will continue to be many celebrities who will do problematic things in the future, including all the people I have mentioned above, Will Sherrod (who has become a sort of ‘celebrity by association) NPH, Tyler Oakley, Lance Bass, Darren Criss, and yes, even Chris Colfer, because, funnily enough, celebrities are NO DIFFERENT to us, and WE ALL, no matter who we are, LGBTQ and STRAIGHT, POC and WHITE, etc, etc etc, are ALL HUMAN WITH VERY HUMAN FLAWS. We ALL make mistakes, but we all hopefully learn from them and develop in understanding so that we don’t continually make the same mistakes.

ALL of this. Plus, let’s be real, this confession is most likely from a CrissColfer tinhatter who very likely doesn’t really give a damn about LGBTQ+ issues and is only butthurt because Chris isn’t dating (and never will be) their little nugget Darren. Asshats like this are “allies” in name only- just like Darren.

A Drop in the Ocean - Prologue →


Pairings: Kurtbastian
Rating: Eventual NC-17
Summary: The summer before college Kurt is shocked when Sebastian comes to him with a timely offer he can’t refuse. He’ll get something he needs to realize his dreams, but in return he has to play the role of Sebastian’s boyfriend for the summer. Neither of them know just how much their worlds are about to change. For a GKM prompt.
A/N: If the summary sounds familiar, that’s because it should… Couldn’t get this idea out of my head ever since Cacophony gave blanket permission to play around in the ACITW verse, so this is my rewrite of her story… as experienced by Sebastian.


Skank!Kurt&Nerd!Sebastian + Ed Sheeran


Requested by fmhartz91 It’s a scene from her fic "What Should We Do?" (which is an amazing fic and I absolutely adore the whole “What…?” series. You should definitely read it! And if you have already read it you should read it again :D)


Can I still do this? Am I late?

(Stalking ur tags lol) could u link me to that soulmate!kurtbastian fic?? Thanks! (The one u found yesterday?)


It was Control of the Heart by xonceinadream on FFN.

There is some Klaine in it (read the summary and you will understand why) but it is truly a Kurtbastian fic.  

If you want another soulmate!Kurtbastian fic, I also recommend Imadeafriendtoday’s Soul Bond.  It is also on FFN and it is not like any other soulmate fic out there.  It gives the power of choosing your soulmate/bond, which I love. 

So… Go forth and read!

Into The Woods [1/?]

Into The Woods
Summary: Kurt is a blog-writer, creating a story of a sub that gets rave reviews and he only wishes it were real life. Then Sebastian Alexander Smythe III gives him that option.
Dear Diary,
He left me in the woods. I felt alone, my heart stopped as I waited for him to return. It was something I never thought I would have to experience. Complete isolation. He’d blindfolded me before, he’d strapped me down and left the room before. But at least I knew he was in the house. If I needed anything I knew he’d be there.
This was my punishment.
I couldn’t even think of the reason for the punishment. There were too many options, too many times I’d messed up. I was put in isolation away from the man I served and loved.
My punishment was not to be near him.
It was the worst punishment I’ve ever endured.
-Kurt Hummel

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Here have some sketchy Kurtbastian kisses because you guys are the best 

Kurtbastian one-shot for the prompt ‘fantasy’ - The Sacred and the Profane


Sebastian has inappropriate fantasies about his friend’s seventeen-year-old son.

This is a one-shot for the anon prompt ‘fantasy’.

Rated M. Warnings for talks about anxiety and attempted assault, underage, age gap, thoughts about sex (rimming, anal), foul language.

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Kurtbastian one-shot - ‘Not By Choice’


Here’s a one-shot for the anon who prompted ‘Sebastian’s comes home to find his parents got his a hybrid cat, and he’s mad’. It kind of went in a different direction, but I kind of like it. High school AU, hybrid!Kurt, angst, fluffy romance. Warning for mention of violence and discrimination.

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Burn Down All of Your Bridges


Title: Burn Down All of Your Bridges

Pairing: Kurtbastian

A/N: I’ve always had this headcanon that during “The First Time,” Blaine double-backed after Kurt left, and while maybe he didn’t lose his virginity to Sebastian, he did something with Sebastian (and Seb wasn’t impressed, but out of pity or just because he wanted to get rid of clingy Blaine, Sebastian took him home)

Basically, this is just a prequel to Kurtbastian hate sex, though Sebastian may have feelings for Kurt. 

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Title: Somethings Are Better Left Unsung.

Some Things Are Better Left Unsung
Sebastian always knew what mood Kurt would be in when he dredged home at two in the morning based on what tune could be heard from his beautiful lips. Kurt hummed show tunes when he was happy and something wonderful happened at work earlier in the evening, he outright sang the Top 40 list when he was excited, and he sniffled through the sad ones on the days Sebastian knew they were going to have to sit down and have a tough talk. So when Sebastian heard the soft melody of ‘Carry Me Away’ by some indie band Kurt had shown him, Sebastian didn’t know what to expect.

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