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My name is Chelsea Renee,
I love to write and doodle and create silly ideas.
My OTP is kurtbastian.
22 || F || Pansexual || Slytherclaw

I'm inspired to write by everyday life, the littlest things can spark a twenty chapter story for me, such as a light burning out or a tattoo on someones arm. Anything and everything can be a purpose for a story.



The Era Series: A Little Lace For A Few Coins

[[A part of the Era Series, Starting with ‘Making Kurt Happy’, then ‘How Kurt Became Himself.’]]

Kurt coughed, sitting in their attic, looking down at the alley. He was waiting for his suitor to pick him up. He’d been requested to wear a dress, something light, happy. He fiddled with the hem of the skirt and then stood, his eyes sliding over the clock tower, and jumped to the stairs, then walked to the ground, making it look elegant in heels as his suitor walked into the alley. 

Kurt saw the smirk and before he knew what was happening, his body was slammed up against the wall and he tilted his head, allowing the man to slide money into his pocket. He closed his eyes, feeling a mouth, a tongue, working on his neck. He moaned and slid to his knees, fingers working on his pants, fumbling.

Kurt was still new at this. 

His mouth covered the small cock, eyes closing as he took it in. Within a few minutes he had cum dripping down his lips and chin. He closed his eyes, then opened them, blinking up at the sated man. 

"I’ll pay you double if you wear something shorter next time." Kurt nodded slowly. He watched him walk away before hearing another set of footsteps near him. "I’ll pay you triple if you never see him again."

Kurt’s eyes flickered up to Sebastian’s and then flicked to the ground, embarrassed. The man took out his handkerchief and cleaned Kurt up. “You’re better than that, you do what you have to do, but be choosy with who you do it with. You’re better than that.” He kissed his forehead and sighed. “Go home, kid.”

"Wait! What’s your name?!" 

"Sebastian. What’s yours?"

"…I’m Kurt…" 

"Kurt… you look lovely in lace." He said and smiled, standing. "I’ll see you around." He disappeared, like he’d never been there. But the handkerchief in Kurt’s hand said otherwise, with a sewn in S.S. in the corner.

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