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My name is Chelsea Renee,
I love to write and doodle and create silly ideas.
My OTP is kurtbastian.
22 || F || Pansexual || Slytherclaw

I'm inspired to write by everyday life, the littlest things can spark a twenty chapter story for me, such as a light burning out or a tattoo on someones arm. Anything and everything can be a purpose for a story.



A Short Piece Of Pt. 3 of The Robin Hood Of The North

((I’m still looking for a beta so leave your info in my ask.00

Sebastian walked toward Kurt with an evil glare in his eyes. “You sold me out out.”

"You were going to ruin me!"

"I was not!" Sebastian said pinning the male to the wall and narrowed his eyes, locking his legs around him. Kurt looked him up and down and smiled.

"Are you mad at me?" Kurt asked with a pouted lip and Sebastian slid a hand over his face and smirked, leaning in to kiss him.

"No… But that’s what I’m saying now… After this threesome with Blaine my attitude might change." He whispered as their lips met. Kurt kissed back before whining.

"Just don’t make fun of me when he calls me pumpkin balls."

"Oh…. Now I’m going to have fun." Sebastian smirked wickedly.

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